Good-Bye Harajuku

A series about love, speed, capitalism, and post-truth.⁠⁠

Something like a philosophy book disguised as a Netflix series.

During her return trip from assignment in Japan, NPR videographer Deanna Gorlachuk stumbles upon the story of her career: Twenty-one year old Kelsey is a social media influencer and thinspiration celebrity. She, and her cosplaying best friends, Ricky and KJ, are becoming increasingly notorious for their sexually suggestive YouTube channel. When one of their dance videos goes viral in Japan, her speed-laced, bisexual, anorexic, post-truth universe overheats, taking Deanna, her camera, and her heart along for the ride.⁠⁠

For Deanna, accepting that she might have romantic feelings for a woman is hard enough, but she is simultaneously confronted by the fact that there no truth in Kelsey’s world that is not subject to reuse and reinterpretation. And yet, Kelsey is the most honest person Deanna has ever known. Deanna realises that the era of certainties has ended, for her, the internet, and even civilization as a whole.

Episode 1: Videonautic
Episode 2: Big in Northampton
Episode 3: Terms of Service
Episode 4: Konnichiwa, Nihon!
Episode 5: Language of Consent
Episode 6: Touch Faith

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