Moral Superiority

It tastes like strudel
  • The pure and noble Aryan race must be protected from sneaky Jews.
  • Boys must be protected from LGBTQ culture by exposing them to pedophile Boy Scout leaders.1
  • Girls must bear the children of their rapists.2
  • Tribal people must be saved from sin through complete and thorough colonization.
  • Naughty orphans must be tortured, sometimes to death, lest they grow up wayward.3

Very few of humanity’s atrocities are committed by Hollywood-style super villains. Nearly all of them are committed in the name of a moral ideal. Even Joseph Stalin, the closest thing to a real-life super villain, was a former seminarian who worked selflessly for the morally superior ideal of sovietism.

Laws that are based on morality are those of a medieval civilization. Higher civilization, on the other hand, is based on principles like equality before the law, equal opportunity, tolerance for diversity, and intolerance for crime. Morality is not the basis of higher civilization. It is a threat to higher civilization.

Every positive thing that morality promises, a government can deliver more reliably and fairly. Every atrocity that morality justifies is illegal.

There is only the question of what children are taught, and what they are led to internalize and believe reflexively. Since morality cannot justify itself, indoctrination is its only entry point.

Scientists and engineers do not need to be indoctrinated as children. Once taught the skills of rational thought, they can reach understandings of how the world works, with and without books. Science does not protect itself through atrocities. Engineering does not have enemies.

It is a matter of logic that civilization may not advance itself through atrocities.


1. At least 92,000 have filed sex abuse claims against the Boy Scouts

2. Should 11-year-old girls have to bear their rapists’ babies? Ohio says yes.

3. Orphanages

Morality podcast

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