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We all share the intuition that the latest twitter storm – whatever that is — is not worthy of our attention. The same is true for trending television series. The reason they nevertheless capture our attention is lack of competition.

People who report psychedelic trips never report a lack of content. There is always something to trip about. It seems that the human mind is capable of at least entertaining itself. Even if no illumination is coming, entertainment is. That is the default.

What may we conclude? The content is there. The problem seems to be inability to access it. Naturally, the next question is: are there means of getting access?

The answer is yes. Dreams are natural hallucinatory environments. People who have undergone sensory deprivation experiments have experienced hallucinations. Seasoned meditators report hallucinations.

Of course, hallucinations are not the gold standard of content — rather just dramatic evidence. Dreaming, meditation, and psychedelics open the door to content that is already present.

Freeing one’s mind should be everyone’s priority because the alternative is to beg for crumbs from someone else’s mind. It is mental poverty.

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