Mastodon web interface

I had tried it once but concluded that not much was going on and was not worth investing in.

I encourage people to side-post.

If no one posts on alternative platforms because others are not posting, the result is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I am very concerned that democracy (such as we know it) should not survive corporate social media. The US, in particular, is tearing itself apart, much to the great profit of corporate social media.

One might feel at times that refusing to support the future we want is not equivalent to supporting the present that we don’t want. However, in this case, logic is a cold judge.

If enough people side-post, we shall one day awaken to a better internet, for the mere reason that it exists. If too few do it, we shall awaken to a dystopia. By ‘we,’ I mean the EU, because the US arguably needs no longer fear the arrival of a dystopia.

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